Online study and hybrid study centres

Online study and hybrid study centres

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Children dial into the online study centre (e.g. via Zoom) and take part in a "meeting". Here they are observed and guided by the instructor. Exactly as it usually happens "live" in the study centre.

Our instructors have been trained regularly since the beginning of 2020 and we have constantly developed and improved online communication between instructor and child in various training sessions.
The children dial into a "meeting" in the online study centre, become aware of each other and feel they belong to a learning community. They are always in communication with their instructor and other children.

The typical KUMON feature - sitting together, but everyone learns what suits them individually at the time - is also present in online learning. The atmosphere is lively, collaborative and yet concentrated.

The children see the successes of the others and are thus encouraged and motivated to continue learning even on the (online) study centre free days.
In the meantime, "online study" has been tried and tested and has proven helpful for parents and students. And, if nothing else (more) works, the unbeatable advantage is that the study can continue.

The time saved on the parents' side should be mentioned, when the trip to the study centre is spared.

The KUMON instructor gets an even better insight into the learning behaviour by observing the children during the study at home in the familiar family environment. In this way, the instructor can help the child even more individually.

In the online study centre, the contact is sometimes even more intensive than in the "real" study centre because, on the one hand, you can see and hear each other more clearly and, on the other hand, many things that play a role in the study centre are hidden: Calls, searching for work material, parent meetings in between (there are online appointments for these!).
If possible, the study centres are of course open as usual. At the same time, however, supervision is offered online.

So, if parents decide they want their child to stay home, they can instead connect online during class time, and still have their child learn alongside the other children.  It is important to us, to ensure that parents and children feel safe at all times when studying with KUMON.

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