The KUMON English Programme

The KUMON English Programme

Through the KUMON English programme, children will develop a high level of English reading comprehensions along with a love for reading.

Unlike conventional English tutoring, children can start learning English at KUMON from the age of two onwards. As with learning their native language, children hear spoken English from an audio device, repeat what they hear and recognise accompanying illustrations. In this way they naturally learn to understand what they are hearing.

From there we move on to learning to read and write. Children gain a deeper understanding of the sentence structures before they learn the grammar. At the more advanced programme levels, the focus is then on reading more sophisticated original texts. Unlike conventional English tutoring, our goal is for your child to enjoy reading these texts, even if their level is higher than the subject matter currently taught at school. This widens their horizon and develops the joy of reading.

We offer a test, free of charge, to determine at what optimal level your child should join our programme. Whether you are interested in early learning or English tutoring, with the KUMON English programme your child can develop English skills at their own pace, far beyond their school level.

What’s covered in the KUMON English Programme

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How does KUMON work?

KUMON students complete daily KUMON study at home and attend their study centre twice a week. The time taken to complete a day’s work may be around 30 minutes per subject, although this study time can vary.

When visiting the study centre, students complete their day’s worksheets and are observed and guided by the Instructor and a team of Assistants. Time spent at the study centre allows the Instructor to support your child in their studies and ensure that they are progressing well. Whilst at the study centre, students hand in work that has been completed and marked at home, as well as collecting work for the following days until their next study centre visit.

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