KUMON study centre on site and online

Study in the KUMON study centre on-site or
from home - in the "online study centre

From the beginning, the KUMON method was developed as a home study programme, but the instructor has a key role in the overall KUMON concept. To ensure that the children have regular contact with their instructor, our instructors now offer online support in the "online study centre" in addition to visits to the study centre.
The aim of the KUMON programmes remains to develop each child's potential to the maximum by providing them with the appropriate attitude towards study and the basic skills they need to learn independently and with joy.
Just as in the on-site study centre, the instructor develops each child's individual learning skills and academic progress through close observation of the child's learning attitude, progress, etc. and plans the next steps based on the findings by providing the appropriate task sheets.

The combination of individually selected task sheets for the child and the careful observation by the instructor while working on these guarantee success. The constant feedback from the instructor, the regular knowledge tests and instructions also contribute to this and support the child's learning progress.

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